Detail of Repetition (7’ x 13’) & Growth
(4’ x 3.5’). Archival pigment print

The use of the word spirituality can make it sound like it is something Other and some place else. My understanding is that spirituality is a way of being in this world. That spiritual practices refine the practitioner and allow through this refinement access to a broader consciousness and this consciousness allows a way of being in the everyday world and being able to perceive subtler aspects of what is.

I sense that refined perception through meditation and chanting aids observation; and efforts at observation are what spirituality or art making have in common with data. As you say, it can be observed that repetition and centrality exist in both. Observation can be mechanical and manipulated as in data collection or it can be relational as in nature, art, music, human-to-human and human to nature.

Chanting and meditation and other physical practices done with attention, regularity, and openness draw a person into a new consciousness or awareness or state of being that can inform art, music and living with aliveness. These practices open a space that can allow access to universal images that are found in all cultures in all times or can allow a state where acting in the everyday gives access to recognizing patterns that resonate with inner states or allow passage to inwardness.

Repetition is a fundamental ordering mechanism in nature, music, art and the human body itself. Data are bits of repeated facts or literal information that are used to prove a position. Music, art, and nature go beyond the literal to suggest or point to feelings, states, and a vitality in all its ambiguity and beauty.

The repetition experienced in my work in the repeated fluting of carved wooden form or the repeated arabesque or serpentine lines that are translated from pencil lines on paper, manipulated digitally, transcend their likeness and become an aliveness.


© 2018 by <Decode> Artists Policing Data

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