Director, NYU Learning Analytics Research Network (LEARN)

Dr. Wise's research is situated at the intersection of the learning sciences and educational data science, focusing on the design of learning analytics systems that are theoretically grounded, computationally robust, and pedagogically useful for informing teaching and learning. 

Alyssa Friend Wise is Associate Professor of Learning Sciences and Educational Technology in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and the Director of LEARN, NYU's university-wide Learning Analytics Research Network She holds a Ph.D. in the Learning Sciences and M.S. in Instructional Systems Technology, both from Indiana University, and a B. S. in Chemistry from Yale University.


Co-member of Urban Design Lab
The Earth Institute, Columbia University

Maria Paola Sutto is a promoter of interdisciplinary thinking. From 1981 to 1991 she was Theatre Director in Milan, Florence, and Rome (Italy). For her early work she was mentored by Giulietta Masina, and inspired by her collaboration with Federico Fellini, Roberto Benigni, Marcello Mastroianni and various visual artists. In her other half life as a scientist Maria Paola paired official research with innovative methodologies on natural compounds (for example on garlic as a blood pressure regulator, based on all available 19th-20th century literature). Since 2008 she has been a core member of the Urban Design Lab at the Earth Institute, Columbia University, contributing to innovative and interdisciplinary research on climate change, and the urban environment. These days she is seeking to realize an effective molecule of utopia in Vieques (Puerto Rico).


Data Artist | Entrepreneur | App Developer

Laurie Frick is a data artist exploring the bumpy future of data captured about us. This is the decade when humans shift from mysterious beings - to big data algorithms, where everything about us will be known. Rather than worry, Frick envisions a time when personal data is a unique glimpse into our hidden personality. Patterns of behavior will become patterned artworks and the mass of data will predict our lives. Using her background in high-technology Frick creates physical works and large scale installations that imagine this completely wired ‘data-selfie’ future. Her insights on consuming data are recently featured on NPR, Atlantic, Wired Magazine; and has been invited to talk at Google, Stanford and TEDx. In 2018 she built permanent data art installations at Facebook, CapitalOne, Texas A&M and Michigan State University.


Artist | Educator | Performer

Amelia Marzec is an American artist focused on rebuilding local communications infrastructure to prepare for an uncertain future. Her work has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, MIT, ISEA (Canada), LAPSody (Finland), ONCE Foundation Contemporary Art Biennial (Spain), NODE Forum for Digital Arts Biennial (Germany), and is part of the Rhizome ArtBase. She has been a resident at Eyebeam, a resident at Harvestworks, a fellow at NYSCA/NYFA, the A.I.R. Gallery Emma Bee Bernstein Fellow, a Tow Fellow at Columbia University, a grantee of the Research Foundation of CUNY, and a nominee for the World Technology Awards for Art. Her work has been featured in Wired, Make, Hyperallergic, Neural Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, Creators, NPR, and the front page of Reddit. She holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design, and a BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts.


Artist | Naturalist | Theorist

Gayil Nalls is an artist, naturalist and theorist, engaged in a multisensory aesthetic practice. Her creative output and research has made her a leading figure in the field of Olfactory Art. Nalls received a doctorate from the University of East London where her thesis focused on the aesthetics and neuroscience of olfaction. She is an Adjunct Professor at the University College Dublin and a Contributing Editor for Nautilus Magazine. UNESCO endorsed her world scent World Sensorium in the year 2000. Her works are part the collections of major museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


Artist | Learning Designer | Educator

Jayanthi Moorthy is an interdisciplinary artist and her artistic expression combines digital technology and ephemeral art (sand, spices and rice flour). With a Masters in Business Administration and a working Masters in Art Education & Community Practice (NYU), she is constantly looking at collaborating and finding connections in the most unconnected places. In 2017 she won a Creative Engagement award from New York Cultural Council for her public art community project Art Fast.


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