Avon Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Jefferson Handgun Decanters_1, 2016

My work often engages with the sensory, emotional and psychological properties determined or defined in some way by olfaction. The artworks involve the interplay of data, facts, historical and cultural information, and memory. 

The Avon Suite photographic series, explores aspects of American society by staging and reconfiguring the subjects of vintage Avon decanters, questioning both the iconography and the synthetic fragrances they originally contained. I have staged the decanters and their parts to interact, as it were, in a cosmology that allows for a more contemplative approach to the subjects and the (still relevant) political issues they bring up. By decoding the symbols, I have situated them in a new aesthetic, social, and philosophical context. These enactments reflect my own concerns and invite the viewer to focus on the powerful unconscious impact that corporations, insofar as they mold and redefine citizens as consumers, have on our identities as individuals. 

World Sensorium is an olfactory social sculpture: a single scent composed of culturally associative aromatic materials of world flora created to express a unifying consciousness. The creation of World Sensorium involved ten years of research and a survey of nations and territories to establish the constituent component scents that were then formulated by country population percentages. World Sensorium is a data-driven perspective on what is fundamentally an aesthetic mind-body experience. By communicating the sublime harmony of the natural world, this ongoing project continues to not only to help generate better awareness of odor-evoked memories and our psychological responses to them, but also to inform us what is at stake as a result of climate change.
Wikipedia: World_Sensorium


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