Co-Owner of Soundtrack Recording Studio, New York

John Kiehl graduated from MIT in 1973 with two undergraduate degrees; one in Electrical Engineering and one in Humanities (Music). In 1978, with partner and Harvard graduate, Rob Cavicchio, John built Boston’s second multi-track recording studio which expanded into New York. He created and directed the Aircraft Music Library, producing over 150 albums of instrumental music, composed theme songs and underscores for numerous TV shows and produced independent artists. With the advent of the personal computer, John went back to his love of mathematics and science, and the question, “How will the personal computer affect the life of the composer 50 years from now”. John has invented numerous pieces of software that create organic environments between man and machine. CAcophony, one such software, allows the user to “play” Stephen Wolfram’s  cellular automata patterns outlined in Stephen’s “A New Kind Of Science”.

Actor Richard Dreyfus, Luke duBois, and John were recently award a US Patent for their software that creates an experience between music and computer graphics. John is a contributor to Stephen Wolfram’s K-12 initiative, and is working with Dean Stephen Croes at Berklee School of Music in Boston to develop a curriculum in mathematics for music students.


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