Information Kiosk

WolframTones is based on a core discovery of Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science: that in the computational universe, even extremely simple rules or programs can give behavior of great complexity. 

At the exhibit's information kiosk explore Wolfram's cellular automata where you can understand how intricate patterns are created in music, Mathematica and the computational universe.



Information Kiosk

The Welikia Project measures the modern biodiversity of the city, in terms of the communities and species of 400 years ago, so that we can say what is doing well, what we lack, and where we can improve, and translating that information into websites, educational materials, and experiences that enable New Yorkers from all boroughs to discover the special ecology of their place.

At the exhibit's information kiosk, find out how New York was like before it was a city, by navigating through the map of the city in 1609. A project developed by landscape ecologist Dr. Eric Sanderson.


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