Big Conversation 2


SPEAKERS: Alyssa Wise, Maria Paola, Laurie Frick, Amelia Marzec MODERATORS: Gayil Nalls & Jayanthi Moorthy

A great panel discussion last week. Some questions covered:

- How you adapt data into the design-based knowledge from which to solve problems for communities, both in the United States and other locations in the world?

- What role does emotion play in the large sets of raw digital data investigated in your respective professions?

- How fragile is our transmissions of information?

- How do you convert personal data into personalized art. How close is your process from a real scientific process?

- Do you have any insightful information to share about the future of data analysis?

The point where artists meet with scientists:

Both has a process of constant self-awareness. Scientists are is self-aware of bias coming into their observations and artists are self-aware of their subjective thoughts coming into their work.

For video snippets of the talk click here >


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