Hudson River: Seasons 1979 – 2018
and Hudson River: Accumulations 2014

“As in one of her own patient indexes of ecological change, the tides of taste have finally lapped up over Gellis’ work. Art concerned with environmental issues exist in ever greater profusion, by turns documentary, mournful, cynical and fiercely activist. Gellis’ sculpture is none of these. Though it comes from the materials of which our planet is made, and though it engages our deepest interest in the literal bedrock of biological life, Gellis’ work is neither meliorative nor despairing. The principles that have sustained it for 35 years originate in Process art, not partisan politics. Nor does it aim for a casual explanation of the physical fix we find ourselves in. Instead, her work observes, with the most delicate, sidelong perspectives, our reciprocal relationship with the fundamental stuff of the world: earth, water, air.”  

Essayexcerpt from: 
Projects: Earth,Air and Water Studies/ Sandy Gellis

Nancy Princenthal 1992  |   Instagram: @gellisandy


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